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Magic in Book One: The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was

Do you ever feel like a piece of you is missing? Like as you get older, you aren’t who you thought you

would become? That’s not a bad thing necessarily, but it’s a good checkpoint to make sure you're living YOUR life and not one other people have chosen for, or one that you’ve forgotten about.

Avery Victoria Spencer, our book series heroine, has suffered some tough trauma from years ago, and rather than face it so she can become fully who she is, she’s been in hiding. She doesn’t know it, but there are telltale signs. I know that feeling and it’s part of the reason I wrote the Avery Victoria Spencer series.

My first book deals with Avery’s personal despair because, while she looks excruciatingly successful to the outside world, she knows she’s hiding a secret that could destroy her image.

In short, how could a wizardly-talented money maven be profoundly deep in debt? Desperate for an answer, she/I asked Life to provide the answer.

Which it did, just not at all in the way ‘we’ expected. Avery finds herself chained in a medieval dungeon where a frightening old skeleton tells her, “Your issue is not with money.” I recall waking up and telling my husband about it. I knew I had to finish whatever the story was about. That’s when I took up writing novels.

When I finished Book One, I had a simply profound answer that I have applied ever since with wonderful success. It gave me the answer I needed, even though it didn’t seem to apply in a common sense sort of way.

Oh, I hope you read Book One, even if you don’t have the money problems I had, because there are gems of wisdom that came to me that I believe apply to all of us in one way or another. Such stunning insight from reading a novel? What more could one ask for?

Answer: Three more books! I had no idea. Check these out and see if they don’t uplift your spirits and soothe your soul!

Vivian Probst

Author, linguist, story teller, uplifter.

We are all so much more than we know!

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Feb 06, 2023

I just finished reading Book 1: Tha Womun Who Forgot Who She Was. This was my first foray into reading in WEnglish. Loved the book and found the insights "in the dungeon" remarkably helpful in dealing with my own essential burden. Well done! The book is both entertaining and instructional in a way that left me clamoring for the next three books.

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