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Thanks for your interest in my writing. I'd love to help you with an interview, author's event, podcast, news story, article or other good clean fun you may be brewing up. You'll find much of what need below and if you need something else, I am happy to collaborate. Contact me here and we will get things rolling. 

TMJ 4 Interview

Death by Roses 

TMJ 4 Interview

WEnglish version of Book 1 of the Avery Victoria Spencer Fables

Bill & Kali Show

Interview on books, writing and WEnglish

Vivian May2019-63 SIZED.jpg

Vivian Probst is a linguist, national speaker and award-winning author. She has been writing life-changing fables since 2000 when a story came to her in a dream and she knew she had to put it into print.

She was a national consultant to the affordable housing industry and taught tax regulations for over thirty years before she retired.

Probst’s linguistic background influenced her to write her fictional series in both regular English and an inclusive style she calls ‘WEnglish for WEquality™’, based on her insight that English is highly masculine and needs some words for those of us who aren’t men. 

Vivian cares deeply about women’s rights, equality, and writes and lives to make the world a better place for all of us. Her home is in Wisconsin with her husband, near their children and grandchildren.

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