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The Avery Victoria Spencer Fables

Book 1

Vivian R. Probst is an OUTSTANDING writer. Her attention to detail is amazing.
Thank you for an enjoyable read. The book not only kept me engrossed all the way till the end, But I was especially surprised to find out the story took place in Waukesha during the 70's. My home town. I could visualize and relate to Avery's adventure. Can not wait to read book 2.



I was a Yo-Yo-Wife 

What a wonderfully written book. Loving oneself is a challenge in today's society. Vivian brings it home to the unconditional pool of love and solving the mystery of THIS!



Death by Roses

If it's been a while since you've read anything that tickled your bones, Death by Roses is a MUST! The premise and concept of the story is a HOOT, and trust me, the next time you hear a toilet flush you'll remember what a good time you had reading this romantic comedy. (That'll make more sense once you've read the story!) Great character development, steady movement from page to page, chapter to chapter, and lots of emotions are tapped into as you walk with the McElroy family. Thank you, Ms. Probst, for sharing this literary gem!


Author of A Lump in the Road

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