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The Avery Victoria Spencer Fables

A new series from Award-Winning Author, Vivian Probst...

Avery Victoria Spencer is magical with money and has finally earned her seat as president of the local bank in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Her ability to transform financial disasters into lucrative profits is legendary; her glamourous life is the envy of those who love her, and those who don't. 

But her successful life is a mirage that is about to vanish. She has no idea that old traumas hiding in her diagnosis of dissociative amnesia are about to come to life. Through a series of clues hiding in dreams full of strange and wonderful characters, Avery will finally remember so that she can become the woman she really is--and the man she loves--if she survives.

My Story

That’s tough. Do I start with my sad childhood full of abuse? (Poor me?) Or with how I’ve learned to break free of that past and move into my completely awesome life? (OMG!) 

We all have issues…things to work on or play with in life. Through years of study, therapy, research, with broad strokes of magic, I’ve grown more into my own wonderful self. It doesn’t have to take years, but it’s the journey of a lifetime!  

When I learned that I am always creating and that I can choose how I want to live, I became free. Nothing outside of me is responsible for who I am; I get full control and that allows me to focus on what brings me joy. 


In my life now, I’m: 

  • Retired (which I like to think of as putting new tires on my life vehicle), just finished with an amazing 33-year career in affordable housing where I got to travel the U.S. teaching tax regulations and reminding thousands of people that we each make a difference;  

  • A fiction writer for over twenty years with a number of stories under my belt (vivianprobst.com); 

  • A linguist by education and have created a new form of English that’s respectful of all genders. (See my website, vivianprobst.com/WEnglish). 

  • A sometimes poet; 

  • A playwright based on my award-winning novel, ‘Death by Roses’;  

  • Committed to giving those of us who aren’t men a few of our own words (See my novels written in WEnglish. There are three so far with two pending. The series title is The Avery Victoria Spencer series). 


I have an amazing second marriage, live on an island in Wisconsin (yes, it’s really an island), have two birth children and 3 more through my second marriage. My husband Tom and I have twelve grandchildren between our two families. I’m so very greatful (notice how it’s spelled). I’m approaching 70, work out almost every day, and love to uplift others. I’ve also been drinking my greens for over twenty years and believe I’m in good health. 

I hope that’s enough.  Please visit my website and learn more about my books because all I want to do is spread joy by going deeper into love and light every day.

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