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Breaking the Bias of English
How English Disempowers Women and How to Fix it in ONLY SIX WORDS

In 2008, Vivian Probst discovered a simple but subversive code in English that was so visibly against women, that she spent fifteen years researching how to fix it before releasing her theory in her book 'Breaking The Bias of English'.

This is her story–a rediscovery of how much English prefers men; of how those of us who aren't men are disempowered by English, and most importantly, how to reclaim our voices with only six minor word changes:  

The; She; Her, Woman, Women, and They are the six words. Watch how these change and open doors to words for us! Join Probst as she corrals an entire language, transforming the 'he' power of English into 'we' power.

Welcome to 'WEnglish for Equality'.

Invite Vivian to be interviewed, present on Zoom, or be a guest on your podcast, 

Thanks for your interest in my writing and determination to shift the English language! I'd love to help you with an interview, author's event, podcast, news story, article or other good clean fun you may be brewing up. You'll find much of what need below and if you need something else, I am happy to collaborate. Contact me and we will get things rolling. 

The Avery Victoria Spencer Fables 


Avery Victoria Spencer is a financial wizard, able to resolve the most challenging financial issues for her bank customers in Waukesha, WI.  But her successful life is an illusion. She stands on the edge of bankruptcy because of her vicious need to spend more than she earns. 


Diagnosed long ago with dissociative amnesia, Avery doesn’t know that she’s covering up the root of an old trauma she can’t bear to face. But old traumas don’t die; they needle, poke, and travel deeper into our psyches until we are willing to face our deepest selves. Avery is no exception.


In despair, Avery will take four dream journeys and meet magical characters who will help her face her old nightmare so that she can become the woman she really is. Each of her journeys will provide clues to bring her back to herself by offering specific challenges to overcome. Each will bring her closer to the life she truly wants to live–if she will face her old nemesis.


Incredible characters show up to take Avery to places inside herself she has never known; to open her heart to the powerful freedom of facing the truth.


Vivian Probst is a linguist, national speaker and award-winning author. She has been writing life-changing fables since 2000 when a story came to her in a dream and she knew she had to put it into print.

She was a national consultant to the affordable housing industry and taught tax regulations for over thirty years before she retired.

Probst’s linguistic background influenced her to write her fictional series in both regular English and an inclusive style she calls ‘WEnglish for WEquality™’, based on her insight that English is highly masculine and needs some words for those of us who aren’t men. 

Vivian cares deeply about women’s rights, equality, and writes and lives to make the world a better place for all of us. Her home is in Wisconsin with her husband, near their children and grandchildren.

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Other Books


Award Winning

Death by Roses

The judges at the When Words Count Retreat loved it—and awarded it the “Literary Trifecta,” selecting it from among one hundred entries.


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I was a Yo-Yo Wife

If you’ve ever thought about leaving your marriage and/or your way of life or if you’ve left and if your heart is like a yo-yo and you can’t decide what to do, consider THIS before taking another step!


The Little Black Book for Blue People

Award Winning

The Little Black Book for BLUE People is the story of a girl who is growing up BLUE. Everyone knows because her face color matches her feelings. With only a paintbrush and a blank canvas she artfully demonstrates how it feels to be BLUE; then discovers a remedy locked up in the dark closet of her unhappy mind. 

This is an award-winning tale, but for the author, the true reward is in the message that is helping people, both young and old, to change their attitude toward being BLUE, first by admitting it, then using the incredible power inside to improve their lives. 

In The Press
Paper Abstract


Vivian Probst weaved such depth, excitement, and humor into her characters, I couldn't wait to discover which one would cause my next fit of laughter. Her story telling skill is refreshing and immediately captures and sustains your attention. This is a must read book! [Death by Roses is a] Hilarious, soul-stirring, and even provocative, Vivian Probst has created a comic masterpiece!



“Superbly crafted and original story!
Riveting Reading!
Solid Entertainment!”


Midwest Book Review

[In The Woman Who Fell Out of Fear], Vivian takes us on another delightful journey as she heals through her words and her stories. Dive in, emerge lighter.



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