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Little Black Book Coloring Package

Medical Science

tells us that over

half the people in

the world are


(Never truly happy-

never really sad--

just BLUE). Over half.

Some recent reports suggest

that the rate is as high as 50% of the

population. If you're BLUE, you've got lots of company. 

The Little Black Book for BLUE People is the story of a girl who is growing up BLUE. Everyone knows because her face color matches her feelings. With only a paintbrush and a blank canvas she artfully demonstrates how it feels to be BLUE; then discovers a remedy locked up in the dark closet of her unhappy mind. 

This award-winning tale is helping people, both young and old, to change their attitude toward being BLUE, first by admitting it, then using the incredible power inside to improve their lives. Without that power, all of the therapy in the world won't provide the lasting change we crave. 

Sometimes all it takes is a simple message-a story perhaps--to change our perceptions and shift our 'stuck on BLUE' feelings into the rainbow of emotions that allows us to express ourselves-our lives--in wonderful new ways.


This package comes the spiral bound Little Black Book for Blue People with artist designed coloring card and a 12 pack of colored pencils. $21.95 includes shipping.

All proceeds go to The Women's Center in Waukesha, WI.

The Women’s Center welcomes and serves survivors of all ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, nationalities, and immigration status, recognizing that their unique experience informs the perspective of each person.

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Help with the blues! Artist-made coloring card and 12 pack of colored pencils only. $7.00 includes shipping. 

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