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Being Worthy

In Book Two of ‘The Avery Victoria Spencer Fables’ (titled ‘The Woman Who Fell Out of Fear), Avery must deal with her feelings of deep unworthiness. Her birth was not planned; her parents, two people who ‘only did it once’. It’s the 1950s, so they marry and do what they must to raise Avery. They don’t know how to be parents and loving a child is beyond their comprehension.

A lot of us grow up feeling unworthy, for a lot of variety of reasons. (In my memoir, ‘I Was A Yo-Yo Wife…Until I Learned This’, Chapter 8, Exhibit A gives a list of what I call ‘17 Subtle Abuses’. While there are very visible signs of abuse, there are myriads more that can hide inside.

Avery is eager to take another journey into her imagination to deal with her issue. But she ends up in a very different castle with characters who don’t think very highly of her. It’s a whole different trip. She bravely takes her journey (with help along the way) and in the end, she gets there, but only because she’s willing to face her inner demons–which aren’t really demons at all, but angels in disguise..

I loved writing Book Two because once again I received a treasure–I learned how feeling unworthy is a mask we learned to wear to hide from our fears, which are only illusions. I believe these unknown ‘subtle abuses’ allow us to choose to take our journey. .


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