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Want to 'Be Infinite'?

I am a lifelong learner with a vision of growing and becoming a better person for my entire life. There’s no retiring from my purpose. Turning 70 last year increased that desire because time is passing and there’s so much I still want to do. But lately, I’ve felt stuck. Is that part of a normal aging process I asked myself?

As if to answer my question, an author showed up at my hairdresser's holiday party. No kidding! You know how those synchronistic events happen, right?

Sally Heidtke is a newly-published author. I was immediately drawn to the title of her book, "BE INFINITE". Perfect. Just what I wanted to be more of. I immediately bought and read it.

What I liked is that Sally has a new way of seeing what might be causing us to feel stuck in life, which means there’s a new way to get unstuck. I was so amazed by what I learned as I did her simple, thought-provoking exercises. Fresh air rushed into my life as I opened a new portal; some of my long-standing questions disappeared.

Heidtke's book is short, easy to read nonfiction and very down to earth, yet it reminded me of my own four-book fictional series, ‘The Avery Victoria Spencer Fables,' because even in fiction, we can find new places for our souls to expand and grow. Whatever draws us into greater love and light is good for us and for our world.

What a difference YOU make to life!

Vivian Probst

Lover of Life, Words, and so much more!;

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Feb 15, 2023

Vivian, I love "There's no retiring from my purpose". I feel your urgency and in a GOOD way. In the "I just don't want to wait any longer, there's too much important and exciting stuff to uncover" way. Isn't it interesting how this somehow makes us feel younger and vital? I have loved the "non-fiction" connection to your book series and can't wait to read your book 2. Sally Heidtke

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