“Under a mosquito net in a mud-bricked African house that cooked us like an oven at night, I asked God to take my life.”—Vivian Probst

I Was a Yo-Yo Wife...Until I Learned THIS recounts Probst’s extraordinary journey out of a missionary life she thought she was supposed to live into the life and relationship affirming a discovery of THIS. Her memoir is full of candid honesty and humor from an unflappable woman who learned how to turn her second failing marriage into an extraordinary romance.

The book is full of surprises including Probst’s explanation of her discovery of THIS, her on-going visits to what she calls “The Orphanage,” a discussion of “the only vow that matters,” a self-study course and heart-warming support for those who are seeking relief from the painful drama of relationships that fail by Jungian therapist, Dr. Boris Matthews. Probst reveals a new perspective on the real reason we marry at all.

If you’ve ever thought about leaving your marriage (or whatever relationship you’re in), or making a big change in your life, this introspective narrative is a door-opener or as Probst would call it, “ADORE-opener.”

I Was a Yo-Yo Wife... Until I Learned THIS!

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