The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was

Book One: Dissolving Her Despair

(Tha Womun Who Forgot Who Shi Was)

Bank president Avery Victoria Spencer fought long and hard to land her seat as the first female president of tha local bank in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and she intends to keep it. Her ability to transform financial disasters into profitable enterprises is legend; her glamorous life the envy of those who admire her, and those who don’t.

Her successful life is a mirage. In debt up to her auburn-dyed hair roots, Avery has no idea that her need to spend more than she earns lies hidden in a devastating trauma from twenty years earlier, carefully guarded by retrograde amnesia.

With bankruptcy and public disgrace looming on her horizon, Avery takes a dream journey into a medieval dungeon where she learns that her real issue is not with money. Three wise beings give her clues as she begins to piece her life back together. Will it be in time to prevent society columnist Millie St. James from ruining Avery’s stellar reputation?

What about her forgotten husband, George, who returns from London to Waukesha, hoping Avery will fall in love with him again?

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