Waking From Her Unworthiness

Waking_Rough (5).png

Book Two of the series, ‘The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was’, finds Avery Victoria Spencer returned from her first inner journey in glorious triumph.  Her despair has vanished—her incredible debts are magically resolved. Avery is beginning to see herself in a new light—and she feels drawn toward George Logan without knowing why, except that he’s British, handsome, and seems to know her design preferences intimately.

But something’s wrong. Instead of being more energized and enthusiastic, Avery is stunned to find that her once relentless energy has evaporated. She’s more intuitive and a better bank president, but she doesn’t care about previously important activities, including her upcoming charitable winter gala. 

Everyone who’s anyone in Waukesha is waiting for invites to her now-renowned party, including society columnist Millie St. James who is tracking Avery’s every move and suspects George Logan’s arrival is not as serendipitous as it appears.  

Believing her energy was accidentally left behind on her first journey, Avery asks to return to her inner world. Back in a castle with her beloved candle, she’s shocked by how different everything feels—almost sinister. Even her candle behaves strangely.

Instead of singing torches, skeletal soldiers hail her as ‘Great One.’  Instead of a dungeon, she’s trapped in a throne room; instead of regal décor, a grotesque tapestry beckons her.   Avery will wonder why she returned. 

As she faces an army celebrating need, unworthiness, and fear, she begins to realize how deeply unwanted and inadequate she has felt. Avery will come to a pinnacle from which she must decide her fate.  As her candle melts and falls from her hand, Avery must choose whether to battle her nemesis forever, or let go and follow her candle into something she has never known to uncover more about who she really is.

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