It can still be a wonderful life!

Vivian Probst is an award-winning author and speaker whose message comes from an inner fire that compels her to search out the unique brilliance of every human being. She is an indefatigable researcher into matters of heart, mind, soul, women’s issues, science, language and the afterlife.  Vivian ‘suited up’ for this work with a deeply religious background and early training in culture and linguistics.

A former missionary, then displaced homemaker living in poverty, Probst rose to become a national consultant to the affordable housing industry.  She has captured the hearts of thousands with her unique gift of insight, humor, and her passion to bring out the best of who we really are through stories.

Since 2013, Probst has been a certified Practitioner of Akashic Records. Her “day job” is owning The TheoPRO Group which provides low income housing and Section 42 compliance training and auditing services since 1996.  She lives in Wisconsin and is happily married.

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